Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Samsung UN32EH4003 Review: A LED TV For The Ultimate Home Entertainment Experience

Thinking of buying the new Samsung UN32EH4003 ?

There are so many LED TVs out there in the market, but none like Samsung UN32EH4003, and all you want is the one that fits your need for home entertainment. Clear pictures, size and audio quality are but a few of the many features one would consider when buying a brand new TV. Consider the UN32EH4003. It's not just watching TV, it's an experience. Have you ever had the experience of watching your favorite sports or high speed action movie on your LCD or LED TV and the events happened so fast that you experience this so-called "Motion Blurring" that you didn't get a good look at what really happened? It's easier to replay if you're watching a DVD or blu-ray, but what if it was a live feed? No there are no instant replays for that. The televisions of old are the only ones who don't have "Motion Blurring". That however, is no longer the case with Samsung UN32EH4003 LED TV. Samsung has developed the CMR methodology (Clear Motion Rate) and they are the pioneers for this technology in TV manufacturing industry. It is able to overcome the issues common to all LED and LCD TVs such as motion blurring and ghosting effects. CMR technology enables the this LED TV to produce crisp and clearer pictures when watching fast-moving sports or action. You can watch NFL or NBA and in the middle of crunch time you will not miss the heat of the action and capture the events even as it happens so fast. You can play video games with rapid firing, car races and chases and still be able to appreciate and live every detail of the action. With Samsung UN32EH4003, it's top of the line motion clarity for you and your family's entertainment.

The Samsung UN32EH4003 also features Wide Color Enhancer technology. Wide Color Enhancement makes the picture magically come alive and allow the viewers to see colors and movie effects the way they were meant to be. It can project a wider array of colors than your average television. It lets you appreciate the reality of the movie environment. You can relive, for example, the motion picture Avatar and experience the breathtaking, wild and magnificent Na'vi world of Pandora. Watch "The Lord of The Rings Trilogy" once more and follow Frodo through his quest to reach Mordor and feel the volcanic heat of Mt. Doom. Experience your favorite Sci-Fi movies come to life.

Do you have a personal computer at home? How many times have you tuned it on and used it as an audio or DVD player to replay your favorite music or video files that you saved? You turn on that monitor and that CPU just to play music or a video file and it consumes more electricity than a simple audio or DVD player alone, not to mention the wear and tear effect on your computer. With Samsung UN32EH4003, you won't have to. You can just save your favorite media files in your USB device then simply plug it in or your HDD device onto your TV and "The UN32EH4003 Connect Share Movie" feature enables you to play your favorite music or videos on your TV making it convenient and more energy efficient.

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Speaking of saving energy, the Samsung UN32EH4003 LED TV is quite energy efficient that it consumes only 0.3 watts when you put it on sleep or standby mode. It consumes 28 Watts of electricity on the other hand when operated.

It not only complies with the ENERGY STAR V 5.3 requirements, it even exceeds them as well. Low energy consumption leads to lower utility bills, and leaves smaller carbon footprints making it more environment-friendly. When you buy Samsung UN32EH4003, not only are you patronizing a product but a company as well that helps in reducing environmental hazards, making their operations more sustainable with less impact on the climate. Samsung has earned 4.2 points in the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics on the 2012th of November and is 7th place on the Greenpeace Policy ratings. Now, isn't that nice to know that you are helping to save the only planet we have?

Samsung UN32EH4003 Features:

HD LED Picture - It has a high contrast ratio which contributes to a more crisp and well-defined quality picture. And because it's LED, it won't easily lose its color accuracy through the years.

It has a "Clear Motion Rate" of 60Hz - It has a CMR methodology that takes into account the three factors that affect TV motion clarity namely; Panel refresh rate - which improves the details and resolution of the objects in motion resulting to smoother movement; Image processor - processes images faster and in a more responsive manner resulting to images that are sharper and smoother; Backlight Technology -Samsung's LED backlight's output is regulated with high precision to synchronized the screen refresh resulting to reduced ghosting effects and motion blurring, and allow you to enjoy every detailed moment of your favorite show.

It has a display format 720p - 720 represents the horizontal scan lines of images being projected on to your TV screen (720 pixels resolution) in the past, televisions would have 480 lines. Just as digital cameras with higher megapixels produce better and finer photos, TVs with more horizontal scan lines would result to better pictures.

Manufacturer Warranty: It has service warranty support for one year.

Indeed, the Samsung UN32EH4003 is a worthy choice when shopping for a brand new LED TV.